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European woman and asian muslim woman working together on same project
Education concept_ Asian school boy learns to speak different languages in a classroom
Children at physical education lesson in school gym
Multi-Ethnic Group of Children and English Concept
Portrait of little asian elementary school student studying by reading books of lessons
Group of Children on World Map
Portrait of Indian lady teacher stands in front of a blackboard
Group Of Pupils With Teacher Using Microscopes In Science Class



Click here to see what subjects you can teach with the endorsements below!

Endorsement Areas



  • Elementary All Subjects



  • Mathematics [6-12]

  • Middle Grades Mathematics [6-8]


  • General Science [6-12]

  • Biology [6-12]

  • Chemistry [6-12]

  • Physics [6-12]

  • Earth Science [6-12]

  • Middle Grades General Science [6-8]

Social Studies ​​

  • Economics [6-12]

  • History [6-12]

  • Political Science/American Government [6-12]

  • Social Studies [6-12]

  • Middle Grade Social Studies [6-8]​


  • Health [6-12]

  • Physical Education [6-12]

Language Arts 

  • English [6-12]

  • Middle Grades Language Arts [6-8]

Arts  ​

  • Drama [6-12]

  • Music [6-12]

  • Art [6-12]

  • Dance [6-12]

Business Education

  • Business [6-12]

World Languages

  • French [6-12]

  • German [6-12]

  • Spanish [6-12]

  • Chinese (Mandarin) [6-12]​

  • Option A - Arizona Exam: A passing score on the AEPA/NES Subject Knowledge Exam in the requested subject area for Secondary or Elementary Education Subtest I & II, (NT102 & NT 103) for Elementary.

  • Option B - Out-of-State Exam: A passing score on a substantially similar subject knowledge exam from another state.

  • Option C - Degree in the Subject: A Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree in the desired subject area for Secondary or in Elementary Education for elementary. Degree must be from an regionally accredited institution.

  • Option D - Teaching Experience: Verification of three years of full-time teaching experience in any state, including Arizona, in a Self-Contained, K-8 classroom for Elementary or 6-12 classroom in the appropriate subject area for Secondary.

    • To qualify for a waiver of an AEPA/NES exam in the subject areas of Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, or English the three years of full-time teaching experience must be in grades 9-12.

    • Experience teaching in a foreign school does not meet this requirement.

    • Experience as a substitute teacher does not meet this requirement.

You can receive alternative licensure to teach in any of the areas listed to the left by enrolling in #TEACH utilizing one of the admission options listed below

NOTE: The list above is not all-inclusive, please contact the AZED Certification Unit for an area that is not listed above.

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